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    True Mobility
    Maintain patient records, update vitals, dictate S.O.A.P. notes while on the go!
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    Always Connected
    Get latest patient vitals, Approve refill requests...
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    EMR System Interoperability
    Effortlessly Connect To Any EMR
  • Clinical Language Understanding
    Clinical Language Understanding
    Retrieve structured data from your free form dictation and save directly into the patient's record.
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    Personal Touch
    Share medical videos, charts, and other information.
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    Ensure continuity of care from any location!
Third-party industry sources report nationwide interoperability to solve the problem is akin to The Big Bang Theory, still many years away, if ever, and at a cost of billions of dollars.

As a result, physicians have to wait for interoperable technology that connects to all the various EMRs and Health IT Systems nationwide to catch up.

But, medical conditions can’t wait.

So today, physicians are desperately searching for attainable interoperability that is not tantamount to boiling the ocean.

With its realistic interoperability solution, MedMaster Mobility is today’s healthcare delivery game changer.

Only MedMaster offers “Personalized Mobile Interoperability,” the truly achievable, real-world practical solution.

And the good news is that it is available today.

With MedMaster, a physician can practice medicine at anytime and from anywhere with secure and simultaneous connection to only the various EMRs and other Health IT Systems he uses daily, and at an infinitesimal fraction of the cost.

Hours are spent dictating unstructured notes, which are not medical records.

Instead, Nuance’s Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) on a MedMaster Mobility-enabled iPad creates actual real-time entries, such as medical problems, symptoms or conditions, their codes, and more, directly into the specific EMR fields for the given patient, resulting in clinical notes no longer remain as unstructured data.

Nuance’s CLU built into MedMaster Mobility automatically extracts discrete, meaningful data from physician notes and narratives and delivers standardized results to update the patient chart.

CLU preserves a patient’s unique clinical story, boosts clinical documentation productivity, saves physician’s time, ensures the creation of high quality patient notes, and it features 256-bit bank-level encryption for end-to-end security.

MedMaster Mobility also includes LIVE speech recognition powered by Nuance, therefore there are no transcription costs and no waiting hours and sometimes days for the transcription results to return.

Healthcare professionals are highly motivated to provide quality care to patients.  But imagine how much more effective and productive physicians could be with a truly mobile, anywhere, anytime, secure, always on interoperable connectivity workspace. Fortunately, MedMaster Mobility provides this technology today.

MedMaster Mobility unlocks patient records currently in “EMR’s exclusive domain silos” using the Apple iOS-intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) on an iPad.

Access and append patient data, health information and practice records in real time with MedMaster Mobility, the only proven and affordable, 100% secure and HIPAA compliant, anytime and from anywhere interoperability solution available to physicians right now today.

With continuous, dependable access always at a physician’s fingertips, physicians can perform complete patient encounters right on an iPad.

MedMaster Mobility can be deployed system-wide in only minutes by entering one server URL address.